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We provide compassionate and professional care in a safe and comfortable environment. It is our belief that you have the ability to understand and solve your problems with the proper support and direction. The answer is within you awaiting discovery.

Jan Carden, LCSW

My work with women and parents is based on one simple belief: we all are capable of finding joy and satisfaction. And the right therapy can help.

Overwhelming stressors, unhealthy relationships, and patterns of self-sabotaging behaviors, frequently get people off track. I work with clients to select the right approach to help them achieve their goals. As a therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I offer the following services:

These evidenced-based methods have been widely researched and found successful for anxiety, depression and trauma. I have personally seen, over and over, clients achieve lasting relief.

For more information, please contact me by phone 859.227.2445
or email: caudillandcarden@gmail.com

Joe Caudill, LCSW

Life is a precious gift. When we are uncomfortable we seek help to restore peace and balance. Psychotherapy is one pathway to relief.

Helping you discover the true nature of your problem involves creating an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and safe. Experiencing encouragement and affirmation are important in discovering your values and strengths. You have the ability to understand and solve your problems with the proper support and direction.

As a therapist, it is my responsibility to be knowledgeable and current about the most efficacious, evidence based techniques and practices. This provides the framework, guidelines and direction for our work together. I have learned and practiced the art and science of psychotherapy for the past 25 years. I have had the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills in advanced practice settings.

I specialize in treating trauma in adults, military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. I am trained in EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD and Trauma by the EMDR Institute and the National Center for PTSD.

For more information, please contact me by phone. Phone: 859.227.2445

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